My name is Dave Keen and I have been programming computers for over 35 years. This little site is intended to be a brief introduction to me and what I am about. It is not intended for the casual visitor, but instead as a starting point for anyone who may wish to use my services. After many years working as a development programmer, first on mainframes and then on Windows PCs, I am now a web developer and have produced many large and small websites for clients over the past 20 years. The menu above allows access to a selection of public websites that I have written.

Since I have the good fortune to do something I love for a living a good part of my spare time is also spent in front on a computer creating and experimenting. However another of my passions is history, particularly military history, and I enjoy discovering more about the past each day. For a while I was the main designer for a range of metal collectors figures made by a well-known model manufacturer, and I conducted all the historical research to ensure the miniatures were absolutely authentic in every regard. I also perform a similar function on a casual basis for several model manufacturers around the world, using my extensive personal library of reference books as a major source.

I hope you find this site of use to you, but if you have any suggestions, or otherwise wish to contact me, then my email address is to be found below.